The latest from Bluesky.

Reaching 1 Million Users

September 12, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

Today, we reached over one million users on Bluesky.

Algorithmic Choice with Custom Feeds

July 27, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

Our implementation of algorithmic choice lets users customize one of the most important parts of their social media experience: their feed.

Our Plan for a Sustainably Open Social Network

July 5, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

We've been exploring avenues of monetization other than traditional advertising, and have raised a seed round to support our mission and growth.

Purchase and Manage Domains Directly Through Bluesky

July 5, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

We’re excited to announce a new feature that allows users to seamlessly purchase and manage domains directly through Bluesky.

Moderation in a Public Commons

June 23, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

In this post, we share why we believe a public commons is important for social media, as well as some proposals for moderation and safety tooling.

What is Bluesky?

June 13, 2023

by Rose Wang

On Bluesky, users own their data, developers will never get locked out of the ecosystems they help build, and creators own their relationships with their audience.

Private Beta Update & Roadmap

June 2, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

Our priorities continue to be a focus on moderation and curation to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for users, and protocol work to launch federation.

Bluesky User FAQ

May 19, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

Welcome to the Bluesky beta app! This is a user guide that answers some common questions.

Federation Architecture Overview

May 5, 2023

by The Bluesky Team

Soon, we’re launching a sandbox environment for federation. In advance, we want to share some technical details about our design decisions.

How to set your domain as your handle

Apr 28, 2023

by Emily Liu

Using a domain as your handle helps with account identity, verification, and portability. Here's how to set your domain as your handle.

The AT Protocol Developer Ecosystem

April 21, 2023

by Jay Graber

The AT Protocol's developer ecosystem is growing rapidly. Today we’re shipping app passwords, a short-term solution for authentication that will let users experiment with new clients without having to fully trust them.

Composable Moderation

April 13, 2023

by Jay Graber

A customizable, composable approach to moderation that prioritizes safety and gives users and developers more control.

Algorithmic choice

Mar 30, 2023

by Jay Graber

Your attention is an invaluable resource. We want a future where you control what you see on social media.

Domain Names as Handles in Bluesky

Mar 6, 2023

by Jay Graber

Today we got our first custom domain name handle registered on Bluesky. Domain name handles are a way for us to improve the state of trust and control users have over their social identities online.

Bluesky Private Beta Update

March 2, 2023

by Jay Graber

We’ve started inviting people from our waitlist to test out a beta app. This app will be a reference client for the AT Protocol, and a landing place for users to enter the ecosystem.

The AT Protocol

Oct 18, 2022

by The Bluesky Team

In the spring, we released “ADX,” the very first iteration of the protocol. Over the summer we improved ADX’s design, and today we’re sharing a preview of what’s to come.

Working In Public

May 4, 2022

by Jay Graber

It’s been four months since the Bluesky company started hiring a team. Now that we have a few people on board, we’re starting to work in public. Today we’re releasing ADX, the “Authenticated Data Experiment”.

A Self-Authenticating Social Protocol

Apr 6, 2022

by The Bluesky Team

Bluesky’s mission is to drive the evolution from platforms to protocols. The conceptual framework we've adopted for meeting this objective is the "self-authenticating protocol."

The Initial Bluesky Team

Mar 31, 2022

by Jay Graber

Announcing the initial members of the Bluesky team.

How It Started: Three Phases

Feb 28, 2022

by Jay Graber

Bluesky was announced in 2019 but the legal entity itself was only recently set up. In the meantime, the bluesky community took shape and has taken on a life of its own.

Announcing Bluesky PBLLC

Feb 7, 2022

by Jay Graber

In 2019, Twitter announced bluesky, a project it would fund to create an open and decentralized standard for social media. Since then...

Satellite - A bluesky contest

Dec 13, 2021

by Jay Graber

Our Satellite contest asked for submissions that demonstrated how to link accounts and content. $300 in BTC was awarded to the top three.